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Whether in the form of shootings, suicide, intimate partner violence, sexual violence, or community violence, violence is a leading cause of preventable suffering and death in the United States. Violence often leads to lasting trauma and poor health—with impacts on victims, their families, and their communities. Public health tools can help illuminate the causes of violence as well as the solutions that can prevent it and stop it, breaking the cycle of ineffective solutions that risk making the problems worse.

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Daniel Webster, ScD_Headshot
Core Faculty Spotlight

Daniel Webster, ScD

One of the nation’s leading experts in firearm policy and the prevention of gun violence, Daniel Webster, ScD, MPH, is a Bloomberg Professor of American Health and a Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management.

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Tiara Willie, PhD_Headshot
Core Faculty Spotlight

Tiara Willie, PhD

Bloomberg Assistant Professor of American Health in the Department of Mental Health

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Supporting Research and Projects with Impact

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Shannon Frattaroli, PhD
Projects supported by the Bloomberg American Health Initiative

Extreme Risk Protection Orders: A Tool to Save Lives

ERPO laws help prevent gun deaths and protect communities. Their implementation is part of a national effort to reduce the daily loss of life due to firearm violence, including gun suicide.

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Our Interconnected Focus Areas

Violence is intertwined with Addiction & Overdose in America

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Supporting a New Generation of Public Health Leaders Across the Country

The Bloomberg Fellows Program provides world-class public health training for individuals engaged with organizations tackling critical challenges facing the United States.

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