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Addiction & Overdose

Zachary Kosinski

Bloomberg Fellow

Zach Kosinski serves as Director of Harm Reduction at Behavioral Health System Baltimore, Inc. (BHSB). In this role, Zach collaboratively leads and manages programmatic activities of BHSB’s harm reduction services. This work entails support and oversight of two harm reduction-focused teams, the Maryland Harm Reduction Training Institute (MaHRTI) and Bmore POWER (Peers Offering Wellness Education and Resources). In Zach's role, he focuses on strategic management and oversight of the harm reduction teams' programmatic work. Leveraging BHSB's unique role as the Baltimore City Local Behavioral Health Authority and the organization's existing partnerships with behavioral health providers, Zach works to infuse harm reduction into the practices of Baltimore City behavioral health providers. Collectively, BHSB's harm reduction team works to co-create an evidence-based system of care which treats people who use drugs with compassion and non-judgment, a system aligned with the core principles of harm reduction.

Behavioral Health System Baltimore, Inc. (BHSB) is a nonprofit organization that serves as the local behavioral health authority (LBHA) for Baltimore City. BHSB works to increase access to a full range of quality services for mental illness and substance use disorders (collectively referred to as “behavioral health”) and advocates for innovative approaches to prevention, early intervention, treatment, and recovery for individuals, families, and communities. Baltimore City represents nearly 35 percent of the public behavioral health system in Maryland, serving over 78,000 people with behavioral health needs annually.

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