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Addiction & Overdose

Wren Ronan

Bloomberg Fellow

Wren Ronan is the Director of Services for Portland Street Medicine (PSM). Since starting with the organization they have impacted all aspects of the work. Wren expanded PSM's scope of practice, increased collaboration across systems and integrated innovative treatment models enabling Portland Street Medicine to reach more people. Wren has championed the development of Harm Reduction Provider Educational Toolkits, designed a street-based HIV, Hep C and Syphilis testing and treatment program, assisted in the design and implement a Skin and Soft Tissue Infection Prevention Workshop series and supported systems partners in cultivating more inclusive care models. Wren aims to support the redistribution power by returning medical knowledge into the hands of those most impacted through ensuring that accessible, accurate and actionable information is readily available in non-traditional learning environments.

Portland Street Medicine (PSM) was founded in 2018 to respond to the void which exists in healthcare for people who are houseless. PSM’s care model centers on meeting people where they live—in tents, in camps, in forests, under bridges, and wherever humanity seeks shelter – and with tools to address comorbidities that disproportionately impact folks that sleep outside. Dedicated teams of volunteer social workers, care coordinators, nurses and physicians collaborate to provide care, acknowledge and heal medical trauma, and connect people to resources for primary care, addiction treatment, comprehensive wound care, case management and whatever is required for sustained wellbeing. As the only street medicine provider in Portland, PSM works to influence local policy and support systems in improving and changing to better serve people experiencing homelessness.

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