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Shane Bryan

Initiative Team Member

Shane Bryan is the Partnership & Engagement Officer for the Bloomberg American Health Initiative, where he supports the network and participation of collaborating organizations involved with the Bloomberg Fellows Program. Shane joined the Bloomberg School in 2014 as the Assistant Director of SOURCE, promoting health and social justice through partnerships between the university and Baltimore community. He started with the Initiative in 2018 where he currently serves as the main point of contact for all the collaborating organizations, leads outreach and recruitment activities, and facilitates the Network of Practice for the Initiative.

Shane has over a decade of community engagement experience and has served on various community boards. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Communication Studies at the University of South Dakota and an Executive Master of Public Service from the Clinton School of Public Service, University of Arkansas. One of the highlights of his role at the Initiative is having the opportunity to promote the Bloomberg Fellows Program to prospective applicants across the country and see the potential impact the network could have on their communities.

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