Current Fellows

Sami Jarrah

Bloomberg Fellow

As the Chief Operating Officer for the Department of Public Health, Sami oversees the agency’s administrative functions, including budgeting, financing, contract processing, facilities, and information technology.  Jarrah also advises the City's Health Commissioner on a broad range of policy and operational issues and represents Philadelphia and the health department to internal and external partners. He is one of five members of the agency's executive team, which makes strategic decisions for the department and generates policy proposals for Philadelphia City Council, the Philadelphia Board of Health, and other legislative bodies.  Sami has been central to all major initiatives of the health department, including its recent efforts reduce gun violence. Sami has helped shape important funding and policy proposals on a wide variety of topics and co-founded the Pennsylvania Health Policy Coalition to strengthen local governmental influence of statewide health policies. 

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health’s mission is to protect and promote the health of all Philadelphians and provide health care services to the most vulnerable. The department has some 1,200 employees and a budget of $250 million, and it operates many traditional public health programs, such as infectious disease control, environmental health, and maternal & child health.

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