Current Fellows
Environmental Challenges

Sadie Derouin

Bloomberg Fellow

Sadie is an Environmental Enforcement Specialist at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  She works with scientists and engineers in all environmental quality and natural resource programs that detect and resolve environmental violations.  Sadie also volunteers as a Duty Officer, which provides 24-hour capacity for department response to hazardous substance spills, fires, severe storms, flooding and other emergencies. In addition, she is the liaison between the Public Drinking Water program  and serves on a work-group focused on the growing challenge of nitrates in groundwater and development of approaches to ensure safe drinking water for both public and private systems. 

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is one of the few agencies in the United States with environmental quality and natural resource management responsibilities housed in the same agency. The mission is to protect public health, enhance the quality of air, land and water, protect and restore ecosystems all while providing diverse recreational opportunities for present and future generations.

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