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Adolescent Health

Oronde Cruger

Bloomberg Fellow

Oronde Cruger was one of the students that originally shaped Speak About It, based in Portland, Maine, and has been involved in the organization in many capacities over the past decade. As time went on, he came to understand just how much our identities are tied to our experiences of the world and how the world experiences us. Many folks, especially those with histories of trauma or marginalized identities, have trouble conceptualizing what it means or looks like to fully thrive because so much time and energy is put towards simply existing and surviving in a system that isn’t made for them.  Oronde will be working on how to establish practical metrics for how to instruct young people, especially those with marginalized identities, on how to thrive in their intimate lives. 

Speak About It seeks to empower students to give and get consent, build healthy relationships, and make change in their communities through workshops, intentional space setting, and live theater. Originally created at Bowdoin College in 2009, Speak About It's flagship program is a one-hour show that combines true stories about sexuality, gender, and identity with how-to vignettes focused on positive communication skills. In addition, Speak About It offers a number of supplemental programs for middle school, high school, and college students as well as the parents, caregivers, and adults who support them. 

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