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Olivia Davis

Bloomberg Fellow

Olivia Davis is a Chippewa descendant and lifelong learner and advocate for education. She is the Outreach Program Coordinator for Oregon State University (OSU) Extension Family Community Health (FCH) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) in Jefferson County and on the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs. Davis’ professional career has been shaped around giving back to the community. Her work is focused on equity in food systems and education for rural Oregonians, multiethnic families, and Tribal Nations. Co-founder of a cultural workgroup for OSU Extension employees working with Tribal Nations and Indigenous communities that has laid groundwork throughout Extension for respectfully collaborating with Tribes. Davis’s goal in public health is to make constructive systems and policy contributions to health systems that benefit those who need services.  

Every day, the Extension Family and Community Health (FCH) team is working to achieve the mission of the Extension Service and promote healthy communities, families, and individuals. We aspire to be a go-to health promotion partner for Oregonians. They partner in communities to promote healthy nutrition, food safety and security, physical activity, behavioral/mental health and well-being, emergency preparedness, community resilience, and more. We offer an expanded set of public health and human sciences programs spanning individual-level education and policy, systems, and environmental approaches. Their affiliation with the College of Health facilitates collaboration with other public health researchers, offering creative solutions to improve health outcomes. 

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