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Adolescent Health

Noor Qaragholi

Bloomberg Fellow

Noor Qaragholi is a Lead Research Analyst at The Policy & Research Group.  In collaboration with local and state government agencies, community partners, and schools, Noor’s work focuses on the evaluation of programs that aim to improve adolescents’ health and educational outcomes, reduce violence and sexual risk behaviors, and prevent transmission of HIV/STIs. In her role, she works closely with implementation partners across predominantly rural and under-resourced settings and leads data collection, analysis, and reporting efforts. Her recent projects include overseeing the randomized controlled trials of two innovative interventions: a peer mentoring program implemented in schools and the online adaptation of a trauma-informed intervention for youth involved in the juvenile justice system. Through her work, Noor strives to build more equitable and effective programs and policies for youth. 

The Policy & Research Group (PRG) is an employee-owned research and evaluation firm whose mission is to use rigorous research and evaluation to improve the potential of people through equitable public policy and improved practice. PRG staff work in a variety of policy areas, including education, public health, behavioral health, youth risk reduction, juvenile justice, workforce and income, child welfare, and housing. The firm’s expertise includes both qualitative and quantitative methods, and staff have extensive experience in conducting impact evaluations, including quasi-experimental (QED) studies and randomized controlled trials (RCTs) in complex settings such as workforce boards, schools, healthcare clinics, and juvenile justice systems. PRG is committed to growing economic and social prospects of all people.

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