Current Fellows
Addiction & Overdose

Michael Kennedy

Bloomberg Fellow

Michael began working with CVS Health in 2007, as a Pharmacy Manager at a high-volume community pharmacy in the Metro Detroit Area, providing care to approximately 15,000 patients with a wide variety of health conditions. Of those many health conditions, he has had a particular interest in expanding the role of the pharmacist in identifying and preventing addiction and overdose, specifically related to opioid use disorder. He recently began a new role at CVS Health Headquarters in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, working with a product development team in pharmacy operations to achieve better health outcomes for patients and communities. Michael is a three-time recipient of the Paragon Award at CVS, which honors those who embody the core values of CVS Health and demonstrate exemplary service in the community. He intends to continue to exemplify this level of service as a Bloomberg Fellow.

CVS Health has an extensive reach, with a presence in nearly 10,000 communities across the country. CVS Health manages medications for more than 90 million plan members across its company, which has provided the foundation for the organization to take an enterprise approach to combating the opioid crisis. The organization plans to reach patients, providers, payers, advocates, elected leaders, and community members to continue to evolve their role to address addiction and substance use, which impacts millions of individuals and families every day.

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