Current Fellows

Martin Bartness

Bloomberg Fellow

Martin has served with the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) since 1997 in a wide range of operational and administrative roles through the rank of major. He previously commanded the Special Investigations Section, where he worked to rebuild fractured relationships into productive partnerships between the BPD and community to claim justice for survivors of sexual assault and child abuse. He also led the BPD in developing a comprehensive behavioral crisis response program by fostering collaboration with such organizations as Behavioral Health System Baltimore, Baltimore Crisis Response, Inc., Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, National Alliance on Mental Illness, and Baltimore Child & Adolescent Response System. Martin currently serves as the commander of the Education & Training Division, where he is responsible for the development and delivery of all recruit training and continuing education.
With 3,000 employees and an operating budget of $500 million, the Baltimore Police Department is one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the United States.

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