Food Systems for Health

Marissa Baron

Bloomberg Fellow

Marissa is Senior Project Manager at Visible Network Labs (VNL). In this role, she manages a diverse group of clients across VNL’s PARTNER platform, working to identify collaborative opportunities for leveraging social supports and systems to address the vital conditions for health and wellbeing for individuals and organizational networks. She is further bringing her expertise across the food system and social determinants of health to bridge opportunities for network-led, systematic changes in organizational operations and individual care.

Visible Network Labs (VNL) is a network data science and strategy company that works closely with health, public health, and social service systems to link relational analytics to community health, mental health, and community wellness outcomes. VNL focuses on creating new tools, particularly through their PARTNER platform, training, and services that make network science and analysis accessible to those working across community health and well-being. The work of VNL centers the need to address the vital conditions that are essential for social connectedness and health equity, looking at a systems level, across organizations and community connections to prioritize social determinants of health including equitable access to care, a healthy environment, and food security.

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