Current Fellows

Loren Adams

Current Fellow

Loren Adams is the Injury Prevention Epidemiology Manager at the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. As an inaugural member of the Injury Prevention Program, she has been vital in establishing the Department as a stakeholder in violence prevention. Loren is dedicated to creating safer environments for all Philadelphians. She takes a public health approach to prevent gun injuries and deaths, applies quantitative methods to analyze community gun violence trends, and studies structural racism and social determinants of health as root causes of violence. Loren collaborates with city agencies and community organizations to support policies and interventions that reduce violence and promote community healing. In all her work, Loren is committed to challenging the systems that create inequities in health outcomes and is a leader on the Division’s health justice team.

The Division of Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention at the Philadelphia Department of Public Health is an innovative multidisciplinary collaboration of public health, academic institutions,
community-based organizations, and the private sector that works to tackle the underlying risk factors driving the epidemic of chronic disease and injuries in Philadelphia.

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