Current Fellows
Environmental Challenges

Leah Ford

Bloomberg Fellow

As a researcher at Food & Water Watch, Leah is focused on issues of energy consumption, factory farming, and climate mitigation. Through her work,  Leah has developed materials on the environmental justice impacts of pollution trading.  She has contributed to a series of fact sheets on the benefits of states shifting to 100% renewable energy to curb climate change, with an emphasis on the public health and climate effects on disadvantaged communities and populations.

Food & Water Watch is a national non-profit, non-partisan organization that champions a clean environment, safe water and healthy food for all through research, education, advocacy and grassroots organizing.  Food and Water Watch is a leader in the environmental movement that takes principled, informed positions to create a better world by curbing climate change, adopting clean renewable energy, eliminating industrial-scale livestock production, promoting food safety and protecting public water infrastructure. 

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