Current Fellows

Kelly Burke

Bloomberg Fellow

As a Senior Program Manager at the International Association of Chiefs of Police, Kelly leads a portfolio of federally-funded training and technical assistance programs for law enforcement and their community partners. Her program of work includes enhancing collaborative responses to human trafficking; incorporating community-based crime reduction models, improving law enforcement engagement with, and responses to, youth; enhancing police response to children exposed to violence; increasing officer and public safety by improving interactions between law enforcement and individuals experiencing mental health crisis; and improving trust and healing between law enforcement and the communities they serve in the wake of high-profile incidents of violence, such as officer-involved shootings or violence against the police, that result in community-police tensions or harm. Kelly has led the development of a number of training curricula, tools, and resources, including the award-winning Enhancing Police Responses to Children Exposed to Violence: A Toolkit for Law Enforcement in partnership with the Yale Childhood Violent Trauma Center.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police’s (IACP) mission is dedicated to advancing the law enforcement profession through service to and development of current and future leaders in the field. IACP has a wide variety of federally and privately funded initiatives focused on reducing violence in communities, supporting victims of violence, and helping officers who are exposed to violence.

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