Core Faculty
Environmental Challenges

Keeve Nachman, PhD, MHS

Core Faculty

Environmental Challenges Steering Committee Member

Dr. Nachman is interested in the interface between science and policy, and the application of a multidisciplinary lens to solve public health and environmental problems associated with the food system.  His research aims to generate the scientific evidence needed to support decisions that mitigate human exposures to chemical and microbial hazards associated with food production.  In addition, he is committed to ensuring that the findings of his research are presented to legislative and regulatory policymakers, public health practitioners and members of the general public in a form that is accessible and useful.

involvement in the field of public health and the risk sciences spans more than ten years, and includes experiences working in two federal agencies on issues related to toxicology and chemical risk assessment.  His research of food system issues (including antibiotic misuse and arsenic-based drugs) uses a multidisciplinary approach to identify and characterize public health risks that can be addressed through modifications to production practices.


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