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Environmental Challenges

Kathy Chan

Bloomberg Fellow

Kathy Chan is a scientist with Insight Exposure and Risk Sciences Group based in Boulder, Colorado. She supports project and research work involving the characterization of occupational, consumer, community, and environmental exposures to various chemicals to determine human health risks. Kathy’s current research interests include development of quantitative exposure models, particularly related to chemicals in foods and consumer products, application of exposure and risk assessment methods to product stewardship practices and improving risk communication for workers and communities. 

Insight Exposure and Risk Sciences Group is a scientific consulting firm with expertise in human health exposure and risk assessment. Insight’s mission is to advance our clients' knowledge of health risks through science and innovation, with the vision of healthy workers and protected communities. Insight’s team has experience in applied risk assessment, exposure assessment, exposure modeling, dermal exposure, industrial hygiene, toxicology, epidemiology, product stewardship, and total worker health. 

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