Current Fellows

Kalice Allen

Bloomberg Fellow

Kalice Allen is a senior coordinator for policy and advocacy at the Health Alliance for Violence Intervention (HAVI) based in Boston, Massachusetts. In this role, Kalice supports the advocacy efforts of community members, professional organizations, lawmakers, and health care providers to champion the growth of hospital-based violence intervention programs (HVIPs) at both the state and national levels. She has a specialized focus on the development and implementation of state-level Medicaid policy to direct funding and resources towards violence prevention initiatives. 

Founded in 2009, the Health Alliance for Violence Intervention is a national organization that fosters a network of hospital-based violence intervention programs, which provide services for victims of community violence while they are recovering from their injuries. These programs address the social determinants of health for victims of firearm injury and are a critical component of a comprehensive community violence intervention (CVI) ecosystem. The HAVI has 72 members—including 63 HVIPs, six organizational members, and three student/trainee members—and serves over 85 cities in the U.S. and beyond, providing training and technical assistance and support with strategic communications, policy development, peer learning, and research. The HAVI also works to shift narratives about violence and trauma in communities of color and partners with its members to advance policy and research that address violence as a public health. 

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