Environmental Challenges

Julianah Marie

Bloomberg Fellow

Julianah is the Waste Reduction Programs Coordinator with the City of Frisco, Texas. She works across all schools in the Frisco school district and provides education, outreach, and volunteer opportunities. She works collaboratively with the school district on waste minimization and has been leading an environmental volunteering club for teens (Teens4Green), earning the 2017 Texas Environmental Excellence Award in the youth category. Julianah has played a crucial role in creating and expanding Environmental Services’ programs to minimize waste across Frisco.

The mission of the City of Frisco Environmental Services is to be dedicated, environmentally responsible stewards of the community. The organization aims to sustain and improve the quality of life of all who call Frisco their home and to safeguard natural resources for present and future generations. Environmental Services is responsible for managing residential recycling and trash services, commercial building waste services, environmental education and outreach, and household chemical and electronic waste safe disposal and recycling.

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