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Addiction & Overdose

Joanna Mclicka-Anderko

Bloomberg Fellow

Joanna serves as the Senior Prevention Program Manager with the Community Outreach and Prevention Support program, which is out of the Office of Congressional and Public Affairs within the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Her responsibilities include maintaining partnerships with DEA's non-profit, federal, state, local, and community partners, supporting the 23 local DEA field offices in their prevention, education, and outreach programs, and working on a science of addiction curriculum for elementary, middle and high school students, along with a workplace module version. Her research interests include adverse childhood experiences and addiction, and working on law enforcement solutions to address ACE's.

In 1985 the Drug Enforcement Administration established the Community Outreach and Prevention Support program with the mission to reduce the demand for drugs in this country by educating and increasing the public's awareness about the dangers associated with using drugs, along with supporting national drug prevention initiatives and partnering with federal, state, local and private organizations dedicated to reducing the demand for drugs.

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