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Jennifer Spiller

Bloomberg Fellow

Jennifer is the Direct Services Program Manager for Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan. She oversees the implementation of the organization’s Healthy Homes for Healthy Kids program, Breathe Easier asthma program, and all HUD Healthy Home Rating System (HHRS) assessments conducted as part of the local HUD-funded lead hazard control program. Jennifer recently led a team in designing a more effective and efficient in-house tool to assess more than 500 complex data points and quickly turn the data collected into a helpful, easy-to-read report for parents and partner organizations. She also led the effort to significantly improve the effectiveness of the HUD HHRS tool for local use without compromising the tool’s integrity as part of a national program.

The Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization with the mission of improving children’s health and well-being by eliminating harmful housing conditions. Healthy Homes provides community education, direct services, and policy leadership to ensure that children 0-5 years of age are protected from hazards such as lead poisoning, poor indoor air quality, asthma triggers, burns, and accidental injury.

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