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Jennifer Robohm

Bloomberg Fellow

Jennifer is a clinical psychologist and faculty member for the Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana (FMRWM), within the University of Montana College of Health. Jennifer is responsible for the behavioral science curriculum and communication skills training for residents. She trains family medicine residents to address patients' behavioral health needs, tackle medical problems from a biopsychosocial perspective, and practice patient-centered care. She has researched optimal ways to train family physicians to reduce mental health disparities in rural communities, and she trains doctoral students in clinical psychology to provide integrated behavioral health services. She also contributes to curricula in wellness, leadership development, diversity/inclusion, interprofessional education, and the physical and mental health impacts of climate change. Jennifer has been an essential part of the FMRWM mission to prepare residents for rural and underserved practice in Montana.

The University of Montana College of Health is dedicated to the education of health professionals in physical therapy, pharmacy, social work, family medicine, athletic training, public health, and speech, language, hearing, and occupational sciences. The College works towards the advancement of scientific knowledge through scholarly activities and the provision of professional service by faculty, staff, students, and alumni. The FMRWM was created in 2013 to address a critical shortage of primary care providers in rural Montana.

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