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Jeffrey Wells

Current Fellow

Dr. Jeffrey Wells is a proud Chickasaw citizen. In his professional role, he is a licensed physical therapist and serves the Chickasaw Nation as the Health Promotion Manager within the Department of Research and Public Health. He acts as a specialty clinician addressing pediatric obesity in a stage 3 weight management clinic called Empowered Living. He also oversees the planning and implementation of tribal health promotion activities and a substance abuse prevention program, called Define Your Direction. Dr. Wells has a passion for helping those in tribal communities improve health, and exhibits strong leadership characteristics. He is directly involved in education concerning obesity and diabetes, and has facilitated efforts to improve health messaging consistency across several programs and clinics of the Chickasaw Nation.

The Chickasaw Nation’s mission is to improve the overall quality of life for the Chickasaw people. In the pursuit of achieving this mission, the Chickasaw Nation is devoted to improving the health of their community. Within the last 20 years, an emphasis has been placed on preventing and managing obesity and obesity related illnesses, which severely impacts the health of First Americans. The Chickasaw Nation is actively involved in the development, implementation, evaluation, and dissemination of evidence-based strategies to address the needs of First Americans. The Chickasaw Nation’s vision of leadership, and its commitment to public health will contribute to reducing health disparities and galvanizing resilience in tribal communities.  

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