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Food Systems for Health

Jeffrey Gander

Bloomberg Fellow

Jeffrey Gander is a pediatric surgeon at the University of Virginia Children’s Hospital in Charlottesville, Virginia where he is passionate about preventing pediatric obesity and improving access to nutritious food.  Jeffrey and his collaborators established a program at UVA with Local Food Hub, a not for profit, to deliver locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables to families who are experiencing food insecurity with a primary goal of reversing and preventing diet related diseases in children. Additionally, he established a clinic-based food pantry that stocks nutritious non-perishable items for patients and families in need. Jeffrey also began an after school initiative at a local middle school where UVA medical students exercise with and educate middle schoolers on healthy lifestyle choices.   

UVA Health Children’s is a not-for-profit children’s hospital offering world-class, complete pediatric care. Its mission is to transform health and inspire hope for all Virginians and beyond.  UVA Health Children’s strives to deepen community engagement and foster healthy communities.   

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