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Addiction & Overdose

Jason Piotrowski

Current Fellow

Lieutenant Jason Piotrowski began his career in law enforcement in 1995 serving as a local police officer before joining the New Jersey State Police in 2001. Jason was an original member of the New Jersey Fusion Center and has supervised the Intelligence Watch and Warning Unit, and Crime and Terrorism Threat Units. During his tenure in fusion centers, Jason represented the New Jersey State Police at the National Operations Center, in Washington D.C., serving multiple tours. In 2014, Jason was selected to help develop the New Jersey Drug Monitoring Initiative, where he currently serves as the Unit Head of the Office of Drug Monitoring and Analysis. In this position, he oversees the collection, analysis, intelligence production, and training and outreach efforts specifically focused on the overdose epidemic and reducing community drug harm. 

The New Jersey State Police has served the citizens of New Jersey since 1921. Recognizing the widespread impact to the citizens of the state due to the overdose epidemic, the New Jersey State Police committed personnel and resources to understand and mitigate community drug harms and formed the Drug Monitoring Initiative (DMI).  Currently, the DMI is tasked with developing situational awareness of evolving community drug harms at the state, county, and local level, mitigating emerging drug threats in real-time, and most importantly providing support for the people, populations, and areas that are most at risk.

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