Current Fellows

Heidi Penix

Bloomberg Fellow

Heidi started working at the Texas Center in June 2009 on the Children's Justice Act (CJA) grant. She started as the Grant Manager of CJA and was promoted to the Program Director in 2013. As Program Director, she works with the multidisciplinary CJA Task Force to engage in needs assessment and develop priorities to achieve the grant's objective of reforming state processes for responding to child abuse and neglect. Heidi manages the grant-making process, including researching and identifying promising projects and developing requests for proposals. She screens and recommends grants, monitors the activities of funded organizations and projects, and evaluates project outcomes. She also builds and maintains collaborative relationships with key stakeholders and multi-sector groups to inform strategy and ensure strong partnerships.

The Texas Center for the Judiciary (TCJ) is a nonprofit organization designated by the State of Texas as the primary source of judicial education for all appellate, district court, statutory county court, probate, associate, and retired and former judges covered by the Texas Rules of Judicial Education. The purpose of the Texas Center is to provide outstanding judicial education to Texas judges so that a qualified and knowledgeable judiciary and staff administers justice with fairness, efficiency, and integrity.

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