Core Faculty
Food Systems for Health

Erin Hager, PhD

Core Faculty

Food Systems for Health Steering Committee Member

Dr. Hager is a nutritional epidemiologist with additional training in assessment of physical activity. Her research falls into 5 main categories: 1) School/Child Care Wellness Policy Implementation, 2) Pediatric Obesity Prevention Intervention Studies, 3) Environmental Influences on Health Promoting Behaviors of Children, 4) Physical Activity Assessment via continuous wear ankle accelerometry, and 5) Measures development of obesity/nutrition-related constructs.

She began her career focusing on obesity prevention via individual-level behavior change strategies as Co-I on several of Dr. Black's NIH-funded obesity prevention trials. Now, she incorporates individual-level behavior change strategies into the design and implementation of multi-level interventions that include policy, systems, and environment to expand reach and impact.


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