Current Fellows

Eric Cumberbatch

Bloomberg Fellow

Eric serves as Deputy Director at the New York City Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice. In this capacity, Eric implements innovative strategies to build stronger neighborhoods through new crime reduction initiatives such as the Office to Prevent Gun Violence and the Mayor’s Action Plan for Neighborhood safety, which jointly focus on changes in the built environment, enhanced community engagement, and expanded social networks in areas that are most plagued by high rates of violence. Eric manages multiple fast-expanding project components at different levels simultaneously, including coordinating cooperation among a body of City agencies and advocacy groups. Part of Eric’s job is to work closely with MOCJ’s research staff to develop a pragmatic data suite that tracks, analyzes, and presents key data and indicators to fast track progress in achieving program goals.

The Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice serves as the policy and procedural arm of the mayor on criminal justice matters. The goals of the office’s many initiatives are to improve public safety and promote fairness across communities while also driving down crime, unnecessary arrests, and incarceration. Together, the Office to Prevent Gun Violence and the Mayor’s Action Plan for Neighborhood Safety bring together government, city agencies, and community-based organizations to deploy critical resources. The goal is to reduce and prevent shooting incidents through providing a swift, coordinated response to the immediate crisis, while minimizing the impacts of future events through prevention/intervention services, empowering community residents, and overall preparedness.

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