Current Fellows

Eric Cumberbatch

Bloomberg Fellow

Born and raised in New York City, Eric Cumberbatch serves at the Center for Policing Equity as the Senior Vice President for Policy and Community Engagement. Prior to this role, he served as a Deputy Director at the NYC Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice with a portfolio that included the Office of Neighborhood Safety, the Office to Prevent Gun Violence & the Mayor’s Action Plan for Neighborhood Safety, all with an aim to coordinate and amplify community-based social justice solutions across government, agencies, and justice partners. Eric has a lifelong dedication to uplifting, organizing, and empowering people, developing creative violence prevention strategies, and improving community cohesion. He has over 15 years of management experience in city government and has held posts at the NYC Mayor’s Office, New York City Department of Education, and New York City Housing Authority.  Mr. Cumberbatch holds a Master’s Degree in Education from NW Missouri State University, a Bachelor of Science from Delaware State University, and currently is a Fellow at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University.

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