Current Fellows
Adolescent Health

Emily Witkowski

Bloomberg Fellow

Emily is the Teen Librarian at the Maplewood Memorial Library. Working closely with the middle and high schools as well as other local youth-oriented organizations, she serves young people (primarily grades 6-12) in the Maplewood community, providing books and resources, programs, and a safe after-school space for teens to gather. Emily ensures there is a safe, creative and innovative space for teens at the library and gives teens the tools and encouragement to become informed and engaged citizens in their community and beyond.

The Maplewood Memorial Library builds community and enriches the quality of life throughout Maplewood by bringing together diverse people, information and ideas. In a town of 23,867, over 19,000 have library cards; the library serves over 900 people every day. The library hosts hundreds of program, events and meetings of community groups annually, and is one of the few welcoming spaces for teens in the community.

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