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Emily Singerhouse

Bloomberg Fellow

Emily Singerhouse is a research associate for Strategic Prevention Solutions (SPS) based in Juneau, Alaska, where her interests in gender-based violence, prevention, and public health intersect. At SPS, Emily specializes in domestic and sexual violence, offering expertise in research and evaluation, comprehensive training, technical assistance, and community planning. She collaborates with diverse stakeholders, from local non-profits to national organizations, shaping informed decision-making and enhancing initiatives to promote wellness and resiliency within communities. Committed to promoting societal-level systems change, Emily supports community-based efforts and ensures initiatives are responsive to meet the unique needs of those they serve. She leverages her background from the academic sector, where addressed complex issues such as sex trading, human trafficking, and community well-being. Through her participatory approach, Emily strives to foster a world where every individual can live a safe and healthy life. 

Strategic Prevention Solutions is a research and evaluation firm dedicated to working with national, state, community, and tribal entities to address and prevent social and health-related challenges. SPS’s dynamic team has specialized training in areas of mental health, domestic and sexual violence, bullying and youth violence, substance abuse, and health equity. SPS thrives in collaborative communities–promoting wellness and addressing public health issues by delivering tailored innovative solutions to inform action and drive lasting change. With a mission rooted in social justice and equity, SPS offers services in research, evaluation, training and capacity building, organizational development, and community planning. SPS is committed to supporting communities with actionable data to advance conditions for all. 

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