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Elisha Sneddy

Current Fellow

Elisha Sneddy is a proud member of the Navajo Nation and is originally from Nahodishgish, New Mexico, a small community on the Navajo Nation reservation. Elisha currently serves as the Program Coordinator for two programs, the Substance Abuse program and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) prevention program. Both programs are in partnership with several tribal communities and work to prevent and reduce suicidal behavior, substance misuse, and promote mental health among Native youth up to age twenty-four. Elisha’s passion for Native health stems from the love she has for her family, community, and the future generation. She is committed to helping alleviate societal-health burdens through research, education, and culturally grounded programs to achieve long-term wellness.

The Albuquerque Area Indian Health Board, Inc. (AAIHB) is a tribal owned and operated nonprofit organization that represents and serves six consortium Tribes: Ramah Band of Navajos, Tóhajiilee Band of Navajos, Mescalero Apache Tribe, Jicarilla Apache Nation, Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, and Southern Ute Indian Tribe. The mission of AAIHB is to advocate on behalf of American Indians through delivery of quality health care services by enhancing wellness, respecting spiritual and cultural values. The vision of AAIHB is to lead and advocate for American Indians health care services through self-determination by upholding the sovereignty of the Indian Tribes. The organization offers diverse health promotion and prevention education programs, as well as specialized public health services to positively impact the health and well-being of the communities they serve.

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