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Eli Pousson


Eli Pousson, Director of Preservation & Outreach at Baltimore Heritage, is a historian, cyclist, and an advocate for old buildings and neighborhoods.  Eli has worked for Baltimore Heritage since October 2009 on projects that combine historic preservation, neighborhood revitalization, and inclusive community outreach.  Past projects include promoting historic parks through the Friends of West Baltimore Squares, preparing landmark nominations to support the rehabilitation of unique at-risk buildings like the 1876 Hebrew Orphan Asylum, organizing archaeological digs in local parks, and creating the Explore Baltimore Heritage website and app. 

Baltimore Heritage is a small non-profit organization that works to preserve historic places and revitalize historic neighborhoods across the city.  Established in 1960 by a group of civic leaders concerned by destructive urban renewal and highway projects, Baltimore Heritage is membership-supported and continues to work closely with residents and community organizations.  Baltimore Heritage promotes the reuse of historic buildings with both advocacy and direct assistance to property owners and community organizations. 

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