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Douglas Reed

Bloomberg Fellow

Douglas A. Reed is a doctorate-prepared board-certified Psychiatric and Family Nurse Practitioner at Premier Health Care, an affiliate of the Young Adult Institute. In Dr. Reed's current role at Premier Health Care, he provides full-scope psychiatric services at several clinics in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx. In particular, Dr. Reed conducts initial psychiatric evaluations, monitors the medication management process, and delivers brief supportive psychotherapy. A significant portion of his role entails collaborating with families, caregivers, medical specialists, and other stakeholders to ensure integrated, holistic, evidence-based, patient-centered mental health services delivered to the clients of Premier Health Care. In addition, Dr. Reed has presented topics on psychopharmacology to his social work colleagues at his organization and often participates in innovative projects such as an in-house pilot psychiatric collaborative program between psychiatry and primary care. The pilot program aims to increase access to psychiatric care for immediate assessment and treatment for mild depression and anxiety in the primary care setting.

Premier Health Care is an affiliate of the Young Adult Institute (YAI), New York State's largest organization serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Recognizing the need to integrate specialized services for the I/DD population Premier Health was tasked to operate all related medical services such as neurology, dental, primary care, ophthalmology, and psychiatry. Premier Health Care's primary aim is to provide high quality, low barrier to access, evidence-based and patient-centered care. Moreover, Premier Health Care has implemented robust telehealth services for clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities that have improved healthcare outcomes for clients by providing uninterrupted services and increasing retention in care. The National Committee nationally recognizes premier Health Care for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for its commitment to continuous quality improvement initiatives utilizing a patient-centered model.

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