Environmental Challenges

Divya Periyakoil

Bloomberg Fellow

Divya Periyakoil graduated from UC Berkeley in 2020 as a Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholar with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Data Science (Human and Population Health Concentration). From 2019, Divya has conducted research at the UC Berkeley Research in Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Energy (RAISE) Lab and the UC Berkeley Bixby Center for Population, Health, and Sustainability as a Population Health Data Science Researcher. The World Health Organization has predicted that between 2030 and 2050, climate change will cause approximately 250,000 additional deaths per year, from heat stress, malnutrition, and diseases. Divya seeks to utilize neural networks and other innovative machine learning approaches to systematically study the impacts of climate change and identify the most crucial links between climate change and human health.

The UC Berkeley Bixby Center for Population, Health, and Sustainability, part of the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, seeks to address the impact of population on global public health and the environment. The UC Berkeley School of Public Health spearheads research that seeks to better understand the effects that environmental exposures, such as the effects of climate change, have on human health. Research conducted at the Bixby Center focuses on how these exposures impact the most vulnerable members of our community, such as children, pregnant women, people of low socioeconomic status, and laborers. The UC Berkeley Research in Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Energy (RAISE) Lab conducts research with the goal of improving human health and lowering health costs for all through the development and integration of tele-health, sensors, analytics, and smart device technologies. The Bixby Center, in collaboration with RAISE, works to develop and apply machine learning, deep learning, and other forms of advanced analytic techniques and methodologies to advance environmental health research and devise innovative solutions to overcome environmental challenges to promote health equity.

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