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David Harvey

Bloomberg Fellow

David Harvey is the Deputy Director of the Division of Sanitation Facilities Construction (SFC) at the Indian Health Service in Rockville, MD. He provides leadership and oversight on data, guidelines, and interagency coordination for an environmental health program supporting American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes with the needs identification, planning, design, and construction of water, wastewater, and solid waste facilities.  The SFC Program employs nationally over 500 professional, technical, and administrative staff and received in FY 2018 over $200 million in appropriated and contributed funds for the construction of sanitation facilities to address $2.7 billion in identified needs.

He has experience as a hospital facility manager at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, DC, as a field engineer with the Indian Health Service in Nevada, and with the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, DC, where he worked on the Water Security Initiative, coordinated the National Tribal Drinking Water Program, and was the Arsenic Drinking Water rule manager.  Prior to joining the public sector he worked for a private engineering consulting firm in Bilbao, Spain, assisting with the supply, delivery, and installation of equipment for a municipal water company in Shanghai, China.

He has co-authored articles published in peer-reviewed journals related to the importance of drinking water regulations in reducing health risks, the need to improve public notification around drinking water quality following disasters, and describing critical connections between fields of public health and engineering.

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