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Addiction & Overdose

Clement Chen

Bloomberg Fellow

Clement is the Academic Detailer and Clinical Pharmacist Specialist at the Northern NJ Medication-Assisted Treatment Center of Excellence, which is based at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. In his role, Clement provides consultative support to healthcare professionals by offering mentoring and education. He conducts needs assessments and develops solutions to enhance providers' knowledge and application of evidence-based care. Clement plays a significant role in sharing evidence-based knowledge on substance use disorders through live webinars, conferences, and institutional presentations. He is actively involved in research and quality improvement initiatives aimed at improving the quality of care in various healthcare settings across the state.

The Northern NJ Medication-Assisted Treatment Centers of Excellence (NNJ-MATrx-COE) was implemented by the New Jersey Department of Human Services in 2019 as part of a statewide initiative to address the substance use crisis. The NNJ-MATrx-COE consists of two centers, located in Northern and Southern NJ, which work to integrate addiction medicine into the care provided by designated Office-Based Addiction Treatment (OBAT) Medicaid providers. The NNJ-MATrx-COE, hosted by Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, focuses on increasing access to medication treatment and recovery support services for individuals with substance use disorders. 

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