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Caitlin Buckingham

Bloomberg Fellow

Catie is the Director of the Medical Legal Partnership (MLP) at the Institute for the Advancement of Community Health (IACH), an initiative of Furman University. Catie is responsible for crafting the vision that guides the MLP’s development, translating that vision into an actionable plan, and leading the staff and professionals who carry out that plan. The MLP is focused on patient/client experience; to that end, Catie coordinates the efforts of legal and healthcare community partners, who are essential to providing the services that the MLP may offer. Catie is also routinely engaged in the pursuit of grant opportunities, the management of funds awarded, and the administration of the MLP budget generally. It is Catie’s privilege to work with Furman undergraduate students, to expose them to the real-world adversity faced by the patients and clients that the MLP was established to serve.

The Institute for the Advancement of Community Health (IACH) at Furman University is preparing the next generation of health professionals and advancing community health through partnerships in education, research, and policy. Through harnessing the collective power of health care providers, public health experts, advocacy groups, students, and others, the Institute creates engaged communities who are committed to the advancement of the health of residents of Greenville, South Carolina.

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