Current Fellows

Andres Estrada

Bloomberg Fellow

Andres Estrada serves as a project coordinator at Antelope Valley Partners for Health in Lancaster, California. His role involves leading efforts to establish violence and trauma prevention coalitions across Los Angeles County. Beyond coalition-building, Andres collaborates closely with community leaders to enhance their capacity in addressing identified issues. He actively supports the implementation of community and leader-informed solutions aimed at improving the social determinants of health, with the overarching goal of reducing rates of violence and trauma within the communities he serves. Andre's primary interest lies in addressing mental healthcare disparities in underserved areas and reducing rates of suicide through initiatives focused on firearm violence prevention and education. His collaborative approach extends to partnerships with elected government officials, healthcare professionals, legal experts, social workers, case managers, and community advocates. 

Antelope Valley Partners for Health (AVPH) is a community-based organization driven by the vision of ensuring optimal psychosocial, physical, and environmental health for all children and families in their community. Its mission is to educate, strengthen, and advocate for the community through a variety of services and partnerships, ultimately aiming to achieve optimal health and enhance the quality of life for all individuals living in the Antelope Valley. 

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