Current Fellows
Food Systems for Health

Amelia Hulbert

Bloomberg Fellow

Amelia started with Boulder County Public Health as a Public Health Associate through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and currently serves as a Healthy Eating, Active Living (HEAL) Specialist. She works collaboratively to identify community needs and implement upstream solutions to improve food and beverage environments and address complex barriers to health. Amelia supported the evaluation that studied price changes of taxed and untaxed beverages before and after the implementation of Boulder’s sugar-sweetened beverage tax. She currently leads and supports various fruit and vegetable incentive programs co-designed with under-resourced individuals to increase their fresh fruit and vegetable access and consumption.
Boulder County Public Health’s (BCPH) vision is to create a socially just, inclusive community where physical and mental health, social well-being, and the environment are valued, supported, and accessible to all. We strive to accomplish our vision by addressing social, economic, and environmental conditions to ensure that all people in Boulder County have the opportunity for a healthy life.

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