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Adolescent Health

Allea Frazier

Bloomberg Fellow

Allea Frazier is dedicated to advancing the field of public mental health, particularly concerning the African American community. After recognizing the profound impact of trauma, socio-cultural, and disparity factors on psychiatric disease, she was inspired to address the challenges of recruiting African Americans for mental health studies and transform the allied mental health fields. As the Community Outreach Coordinator for Community Health Speaks in Buffalo, New York, her primary responsibility is to organize workshops, events, and conduct fieldwork to engage the community. Prior to her current role, she immersed herself in psychology and neuroscience research, focusing on the epidemiological pathology of psychiatric disorders across the lifespan. She aims to investigate genetic and epigenetic risk factors, as well as other health determinants, contributing to adverse mental health outcomes and disparities across generations. 

Community Health Speaks unites committed faculty from the State University of New York at Buffalo, key community centers in Buffalo, and residents from diverse backgrounds to bridge the gap between the scientific community and historically marginalized communities. Their primary goal is to raise awareness about health disparities and the transformative potential of research within the community. Through various initiatives and programming, they aim to encourage participation in discussions about research designs, implementation strategies, and outcomes. 

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