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Food Systems for Health

Alison Wohlgemuth

Current Fellow

Ali Wohlgemuth is a Director at Bay Area Community Resources, where she leads a team that partners with communities to advance health advocacy and policy. The team works to dismantle structural race-based barriers to health by engaging communities in participatory action research and advocacy in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2020, Ali and her team, along with youth advocates and the Berkeley community, passed the nation’s first Healthy Checkout Ordinance. The Berkeley ordinance established minimum nutrition standards for foods and beverages stocked at checkout.  Ali continues this work with her team in other cities, building knowledge and power within communities to decrease the placement, marketing, and promotion of sugary beverages and foods, and overhauling the retail environment to increase access to healthy foods for families across the Bay Area.

Bay Area Community Resources’ (BACR) mission is to promote the healthy development of individuals and families, encourage service and volunteerism, and help build community.  For more than four decades, BACR has been delivering a wide range of services to schools and other community settings throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Services are clustered in program areas that include expanded learning, behavioral and mental health, healthy communities, youth workforce and re-entry, and national service. Each year BACR partners with dozens of communities around the Bay Area to build healthy lived environments and provides strengths-based, trauma-informed services to tens of thousands of people.

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