Improving maternal health in New Jersey

September 30, 2022

In 2018, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy asked the New Jersey Department of Health to develop  a strategic plan to improve maternal outcomes. At the time, the state did not have accurate data on maternal mortality and severe maternal morbidity within its borders.  

Maternal Health

 Associate Professor Andreea A. Creanga, MD, with funding from the Initiative, helped the state generate the needed evidence, interpret the generated evidence, and prioritize action. Dr. Creanga also advised the Department of Health on creation of the dashboard display of data and an infographic for policy makers. The data analysis was also used to create hospital specific reports on maternal outcomes. 

 Preliminary data showed there were important racial and ethnic disparities in maternal mortality and severe morbidity in New Jersey. Dr. Creanga assisted the state in understanding what interventions could be put in place to address these disparities. 

 The collaboration on data analysis and modelling informed a legislative report and a strategic plan to improve maternal health. It also led to the creation of the  Maternal Health Report Card on maternal healthcare at New Jersey hospitals. The report card is available to the public on the Department of Health website. You can watch a panel discussion, How Data Sparks Change: New Jersey’s Maternal Health Report Card, with March of Dimes CEO Stacey Stewart, Dr. Andreea Creanga and New Jersey Health Commissioner Judith Persicilli here. 

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