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Get to Know Anthony Betori

December 8, 2023

Anthony Betori, Bloomberg Fellow and current MPH student at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, serves as the Director of Curriculum and Innovation at Healthy Futures of Texas, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the well-being of young Texans through equitable access to sexual health education, contraception, and resources.

At Healthy Futures of Texas, Anthony focuses on supporting sexual health initiatives and advocacy projects for adolescent health across the state. Notably, 2021 CDC data found that 20.3 out of every 1000 births in Texas can be attributed to a teen parent.

Betori is currently working on launching a new puberty curriculum called 'On My Way' which is designed with evidence-informed strategies to help 4th to 6th graders in Texas understand their bodies and evolving relationships with others.

While always grounded in education, Betori’s journey started across the country in Illinois. Starting at Chicago House and Social Service Agency, he found his true calling and the history of HIV activism opened his eyes to the world of public health. Betori chose to apply for the Bloomberg Fellowship because he wanted more than just a credential after his name, instead he hoped to add context and meaning to his degree to connect more deeply to his community and his work.

In addition to developing these important curricula, Betori and Healthy Futures of Texas are also working to create change at the state and local level to improve the environments in which adolescents are making decisions about their sexual health and relationships.

As a Bloomberg Fellow, Betori values the collaborative spirit among his peers, finding support and inspiration in their shared experiences. His unique skill, he notes, lies in vision—looking ahead to see the path towards the ambitious future they aim to create and holding onto that vision to make progress every day.

Looking to the future, Betori sees his role extending beyond personal accomplishments. Having benefited from the resources at the Bloomberg School, he hopes to share this knowledge widely, cultivating new generations of public health leaders. For Betori, public health isn't just a job; it's a journey of advocacy, education, and community-building—a reminder that unexpected turns can lead to the most impactful adventures.



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