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Obesity & The Food System

Marissa Silverberg

Bloomberg Fellow

Marissa is the Food Systems & Policy Administrator for Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH). JCPH partners with health agencies in Adams and Denver counties on Food in Communities (FIC), a collaborative project focused on ensuring that all residents have access to healthy, affordable, and culturally relevant food; Marissa supports community leaders and residents through designing, testing, and launching community-based solutions, both policy and programmatic, that increase access to food. JCPH also partners with Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, and Denver counties on the regional Healthy Beverage Partnership (HBP) to reduce sugary beverage consumption by youth and support equitable, healthy food environments, particularly for youth experiencing obesity. Marissa further coordinates and facilitates the Jefferson County Food Policy Council and has led advocacy on several local and federal bills, including the Farm Bill and Child Nutrition Reauthorization.

Through leadership of the JCPH Board of Health, Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH) is the legal entity that delivers governmental public health services to Jefferson County, a large unincorporated area of 774 square miles and over 580,000 residents. Jefferson County is under the authority of three county commissioners and is subdivided into five small mountain towns in the foothills and seven suburban municipal governments; this diversity results in challenges to the development of health policies and delivery of services across Jefferson County. JCPH is committed to promoting and protecting health for all people across the lifespan, through prevention, education, treatment, response, and regulation.

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