The inaugural Bloomberg American Health Summit brought together innovators, policymakers and change agents from across the country who are creatively tackling some of the nation’s most pressing challenges in addiction and overdose, the environment, food system and obesity, risks to adolescent health and violence.




Like the Bloomberg American Health Initiative, the Summit focused on five critical challenges facing public health in the United States. As gains in life expectancy eroded for the third straight year — there are now more than 40 nations in the world with higher life expectancies than the U.S. — innovative thinking and focused problem solving are more essential than ever. 

Addiction & Overdose: Building Tools to Address Addiction and Overdose


Environmental Challenges: Understanding our Changing Environment


Obesity and the Food System: Preventing Obesity and Improving Nutrition


Risks to Adolescent Health: Improving Lives for Children and Teens


Violence: Tackling Gun Violence



"Unless we act now, the toll will grow heavier and heavier." -Michael Bloomberg, Founder, Bloomberg Philanthropies; World Health Organization (WHO) Global Ambassador for Noncommunicable Diseases.


Dive into the amazing conversations sparked by the Summit’s discussion panels. These speakers join national leaders, local practitioners, policymakers, and innovators in the videos below.featured-speakers

Addiction & Overdose

In Conversation: Allies in Blue: Policing Informed by Public Health

In Conversation: State and City Action to Achieve National Impact on Overdose

In Conversation: A Winning Idea in West Virginia

Environmental Challenges

Spotlight On: The Environment and Our Health

Town Hall Discussion: Intentional Design for Healthier Outcomes

Reflection Point: Returning to the Science in Environmental Health

Risks to Adolescent Health

The Impact of Trauma on Adolescents

Reflection Point: Adolescent Health as Public Health


Spotlight On: Fixing the Food System

In Conversation: Building Toward Equity and Scale, More Healthy Food for All

In Conversation: Food Policy of the Future


In Conversation: #NeverAgain: How Student Activism is Shaping the Movement Against Gun Violence

In Conversation: The Front Lines of Violence Prevention

Police, Equity, Violence

Spotlight On: Evidence Over Ideology

In Conversation: The National Imperative to Improve Maternal Health

In Conversation: Challenging the Healthcare System to Advance Health and Health Equity




What now? 5 actions in 5 years

Experts at our Summit point to ways that federal and state lawmakers can have impact on the most pressing challenges to American public health. Here are actions policymakers can take in the next five years to help Americans live longer, healthier lives:


5 Actions in 5 Years on Opioid Crisis

5 Actions in 5 Years on Environmental Health

5 Actions in 5 Years on Obesity and the Food System

5 Actions in 5 Years on At-Risk Adolescents

5 Actions in 5 Years on Violence




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