A new report suggests that Illinois could reduce the number of people killed each year by gun violence by implementing ten policies supported by available research, according to researchers at the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research.  The report, Policies to Reduce Gun Violence in Illinois: Research, Policy Analysis, and Recommendations, identifies gaps in existing laws and offer evidence-based recommendations that could apply to other states. 

“Addressing gun violence requires a comprehensive evidence-based approach encompassing enforcement of exisiting laws, strengthening of current laws identified as weak, adoption of new evidence-based laws and funding for violence prevention programs,” says Crifasi. “By considering the policy recommendations put forth in this report, Illinois has an opportunity to decrease their rates of firearm homicide and suicide, and serve as a model for other states seeking to reduce the toll of gun violence in their communities.”­ 

The research is supported by the Joyce Foundation.  Download the report and read more.