A new series of videos explores ERPO implementation from the perspectives of gun violence researchers and advocates, members of law enforcement, and a judge. These varied voices provide guidance to those in similar roles who are working to successfully implement ERPO in their state. 


Implementing Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs): A Tool to Save Lives 
featuring researcher Shannon Frattaroli and advocates Joshua Horwitz and Renee Hopkins

Extreme Risk Protection Orders: Collaborating Across the System 
featuring Judge Anne Levinson (ret.)

Extreme Risk Protection Orders: Law Enforcement's Role 
featuring Sgt. Eric Pisconski of the Seattle Police Department's Crisis Response Unit

Extreme Risk Protection Orders: Lessons on Law Enforcement Training 
featuring Sheriff Darren Popkin of Montgomery County, Maryland

Extreme Risk Protection Orders: Lessons from Washington State 
featuring Kim Wyatt, Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Regional Domestic Firearms Enforcement Unit in Seattle, Washington